Have you pre-ordered Bully Me: Class of 2020 yet?

Today I finally get to reveal the blurb and a teaser for the story I’ll be contributing to the upcoming bully romance anthology. I’m super excited about this line-up, and I can’t wait for you guys to meet my new characters.

You might remember I was originally going to write a story for Dirk from my standalone forbidden romance The Imperfections for this anthology, but his story got too long, so I had to change gears. I’m glad I did, though, this story is a much better fit for this project. (If you haven’t read a bully romance from me yet, my bestseller Untouchable is also a standalone.)

This story will be a prequel to a new full-length bully romance I’m working on now. I cannot wait to see what you guys think! 😁

Bully Me Teaser


The day I met Hunter Maxwell he wasn’t the rich kid who lived in the giant house, he wasn’t the most popular guy in school, he certainly wasn’t the bully who had chased his own best friend out of town after a falling out—he was just a boy with a black eye and a dark secret.

My life would have been much easier if I had stayed out of it, but I couldn’t. I saw someone hurting and wanted to help. I saw someone possibly in danger and wanted to make sure he was safe.

There’s nothing safe about Hunter Maxwell, though. I thought there might be. I fell under his spell. Whatever the world saw when they looked at him, it wasn’t what he showed me.

The bond we formed was real. I know it was real. But with Hunter, when the tides turn, you’d better hope you’re safely on the shore and out of his reach.

I thought I was a strong enough swimmer to keep my head above water. I thought if it came down to it, I could resist his pull.

I didn’t know, but now I do.

Once Hunter sets his sights on you, there’s no such thing as out of his reach. Whether it’s today, tomorrow, or five years from now, he’s coming for me—and when he does, he won’t stop until he’s destroyed me.


♥ About the anthology ♥


Eight bestselling authors are teaming up to bring you eight unique stories about the guys we love to hate. 😏

This anthology will not be in KU, so pre-order today!
(All proceeds will be donated to the anti-bullying organization, Ditch the Label.)

AMAZON US: https://amzn.to/2LkBLLy
AMAZON CA: https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B081GDNG75
AMAZON UK: https://amzn.to/351zdsU
AMAZON AU: https://amzn.to/2ResJ60
APPLE: https://apple.co/2NSkKtL
NOOK: https://bit.ly/375r4Wx
KOBO: https://bit.ly/379qGGj

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Do you like student/teacher romances?

I sure do, and writing one has always been on my to-do list. Writing a full-length student/teacher romance wasn’t in the cards this year, but when Isabella Starling approached me about writing something forbidden and sexy for the holidays this year, my mind immediately went to student/teacher. She was game, and together we cooked up this sexy Christmas novella that I finally get to share with you!

Our book went live today, and I can’t wait for everybody to meet Callan McLaren! This sexy teacher and the lovely student he has his eye on will surely steam up your kindle. 🔥

Forbidden, seductive, fun, and full of feels!! I didn’t put it down once and tore right through. I laughed, I swooned, and I was left fanning my self! The perfect holiday read!!” -Erika, Book Haven Book Blog

Mistletoe Kisses (1)

All I want for Christmas is Mr. McLaren under the mistletoe…

Of course, that’s all any girl in my senior class wants, but the crazy hot, decidedly grinchy Mr. McLaren is not an option. Not only because he’s our teacher, but because he’s a real jerk.

All year I’ve kept my head down, turned in good work, and tried my best not to attract Mr. McLaren’s attention. I’m comfortable admiring him from a safe distance, but I know better than to get too close. As ridiculous as it is to imagine that my brilliant, arrogant teacher might ever be interested in a student, there’s something about the intensity of his gaze when I catch him looking at me in class…

I’m sure it’s all in my head. At least, I’m sure of that until the day he overhears a classmate asking me out.
All of a sudden, I have Mr. McLaren’s full attention. His methods of commanding mine are unethical at best, but there’s something so enigmatic about this man. I can’t stay away.
Not that he’s giving me much of a choice.

I knew I wanted Mr. McLaren, but I didn’t know…
Maybe he wants me, too.

Mistletoe Kisses is the perfect festive winter treat. It is a very steamy student/teacher romance of 47,000 words (a short novel).







Also available on KindleUnlimited!



To celebrate the holiday season and say thank you to my lovely readers for all their support, I am also doing some signed paperback giveaways in my reader group. You can find the post about it HERE!

Happy Holidays!! 💝




It’s finally here!! ♥ My new book is LIVE on Amazon and available in KindleUnlimited!

“A completely unconventional, addictive, mind-twisting ride that I couldn’t and didn’t want to put down.” Erika, Book Haven Book Blog

The Imperfections FINAL BN

“Dark? yes. Fun? yes. Hot? All the YES!!! Did I fall in love with them completely by the end? YES, and I still don’t know how that happened.” -Erika again, Book Haven Book Blog

If you like my unique, dark, and damaged characters, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this book! It’s a complete standalone with all-new characters, and boy, are they unconventional in all the right ways. These two are so perfect for each other, and I absolutely loved writing their love story. It took me on a journey of all the feels, and now it’s your turn!

This book is a forbidden romance, but it is also a dark romance, and there’s plenty of banter and humor thrown in to round out the Sam Mariano reading experience. 🙂

For the next week, THE IMPERFECTIONS will be on sale for $3.99 while it’s a new release, but after that, the price will be rising a dollar. This is a nice, big book, and it’s also available on KindleUnlimited!

Come meet Brant! 🥰

🖤 Forbidden romance
🖤 Age gap (hero is older than heroine)
🖤 Gruff, loner hero with a dark side
🖤 A unique heroine who is oh-so-perfect for her hero

Amazon: https://amzn.to/2D2se7l
Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B081TWPNQZ
Amazon AU: https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B081TWPNQZ
Amazon CA: https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B081TWPNQZ


Are you ready to meet my latest hero and heroine? It’s nearly time! Only one more week until this dark, forbidden standalone romance is released and live on Kindles everywhere!!

I can’t wait for you guys to meet Brant and Alyssa. I’m finished with their story, and I’m still not over them. ♥

I was in love with Brant at 1%…” – Melissa, Goodreads review

The Imperfections FINAL BN


Brantley Morrison is a drinker of whiskey, a solver of problems, and a collector of mutts; the kind of loyal, hardworking guy you want on your side—and you’d best not get on the wrong side of.

Alyssa Walton never meant to find herself on Brant’s bad side—never even met the man until he showed up in her bedroom with a loaded gun and a plan to destroy her.

When Alyssa and Brant collide, his simple problem-solving mission gets a whole lot more complicated. Turns out, Alyssa is nothing like he expected, and she just might be everything he’s ever wanted. Sure, she’s a little afraid of him, but every relationship has its obstacles.

Brant’s never had anyone like Alyssa around, someone loyal and kind who smoothes over his rough edges like she was born to do it. Alyssa’s never met a man like Brant, either, and while she admires the way he looks out for those he loves, she can’t help wondering, who’s looking out for Brant?

Now, faced with wanting the girl he was never supposed to keep, Brant has to make an impossible choice. Does he give up the girl who has brought sunshine into his lonely life, or does he hold on tight, even if it might mean letting down the people he’s spent his whole life protecting?

The Imperfections is a full-length standalone forbidden romance that includes dark themes.

Alyssa Imperfections quote teaser

The Imperfections will be available on Amazon and KindleUnlimited on November 22, 2019!

ADD IT TO YOUR TO-READ LIST ➟ https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/48660745-the-imperfections


RARE19 London + RARE20 Edinburgh


So, last weekend I got to attend RARE19 London and it was incredible! The organizers were amazing, the readers were awesome, and it was so nice to get a chance to see and chat with some fellow authors, too. Some of us went to this little Italian restaurant for dinner to talk shop the day after the signing, and it was a wonderful time. Truly, I had a blast the whole weekend and I’m so glad I went. ☺️


The traffic was crazy so I walked pretty much everywhere, but the structures and architecture in London were so pretty


A traditional London phone booth!


Spaghetti carbonara at an Italian restaurant on the west end


Trafalgar square may have been my favorite, I loved it here


The palace gates looked really cool at night when there were no tourists hanging out in front of them


So pretty in person, my gloomy picture doesn’t do it justice

That said, I’ve had an absolutely awful experience with the travel side of things. On the way home, the airline lost my luggage and it took until 3am today for it to be delivered to me (even though apparently they found it five days ago…) and when I finally got my bag back, I found there had been items stolen from my luggage–one of those items being the lovely pair of pearl earrings I splurged and bought myself for RARE. 😔 I never buy myself things, ever, so that was a real bummer.
When I travel domestically, I don’t check bags to avoid the possibility of lost luggage (I experienced that years ago; it was a headache then, but nothing like this time), however, that’s much harder to do when you’re making a big international trip. I’m really not okay with the helplessness and lack of privacy that goes along with flying, with TSA agents and airline employees being given access to and being careless with my things, but now to have valuable items stolen from my bag… It’s just not something I’m willing to deal with. Going forward, it’s no checked bags for me again, because it’s not worth the frustration to me.

Anyway, the point of sharing my travel woes is, traveling internationally for signings is just too stressful for me. Even leaving behind all my signage, I can’t fit everything I need for an international signing into my carry-on bag, but I refuse to check bags again after this. This was my first international trip and the travel side of it has left a terrible taste in my mouth.

I’ve already committed to going to RARE20 Edinburgh and I don’t believe in cancelling signings unless it’s a real emergency, so I WILL be there, but I know there were some of you who wanted to meet me in London and didn’t make it to RARE, so I just wanted to say, if you really, really, really, really want to meet me and you are local to UK signings but you know you have no plans to come to any future US signings (I keep my appearances page updated with all the signings I’ll be attending, if you ever want to check), PLEASE try to make it to RARE Edinburgh! Tickets are officially sold out, but they have a buy/sell thread in the FB group and tickets do come available as things come up and plans change.
I doubt I will be doing any UK signings after these two, so I know the RARE Team announced London 2021, but I, personally, will not be there. I will be in Edinburgh next summer though, so if you’re a UK reader and you wanna meet me in person, I really hope you can make it! 😁




For those of you already familiar with my Morelli family, you probably remember Mateo’s callous brother, Dante Morelli. Well, now he has a book!

Old Flame Full wrap

Loving Dante was my original sin. They warned me of the slippery slope, the moral corruption, the outright debasement of the Morelli family. They warned me not to get involved. Not to love him.

I didn’t listen.
I thought I would be his saving grace.
I was a fool.

Once upon a time, Dante Morelli was the source of my happiness, the powerful embrace which would always keep me safe and loved.
Now, Dante Morelli is the source of every moment of pain, every moment of grief, every heart-breaking moment of my young life.

Once, his love was my lifeblood.
Now, his love is my prison.

Once, I thought it might kill me to leave him.
Now, I know he will never let me go.

Warnings: This is a dark romance with a bad guy hero. This is also a comprehensive series, so you’ll have a MUCH better time with Dante’s story if you have read all previous Morelli family series books first. The author does NOT recommend trying to read this as a standalone if you haven’t read the Morelli family series.



Available in KindleUnlimited!


In case you haven’t MET my Morelli family yet, I put the first book in the series on sale to celebrate the release of Dante’s book, and to make it that much easier for new readers to start the series! (The entire completed Morelli family series is available in KindleUnlimited.)


Accidental Witness (Morelli Family, #1)
Amazon: http://amzn.to/2hUyVk2
Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B06XVNDYX5



You’ve met the Morelli family, now delve into the love story of Mateo’s callous brother, Dante Morelli…

If you’re a member of my Facebook reader group, you’re probably already aware of my next release, but in case you’re not, here’s a little bit of info! In my Morelli family series you encounter Mateo’s brother, Dante, a few times. Younger than Mateo by only a year and mean as hell, this second son struck a chord with a lot of readers, and his was a story I always intended to tell once I finished with Mateo’s sprawling saga. Dante’s more straightforward love story doesn’t take nearly as long to tell; it’s contained to a single novel, but given Mateo’s business tends to bleed into everyone’s business, Dante’s book will be best enjoyed if you have already read my Morelli family series before beginning his book.



Loving Dante was my original sin. They warned me of the slippery slope, the moral corruption, the outright debasement of the Morelli family. They warned me not to get involved. Not to love him.

I didn’t listen.
I thought I would be his saving grace.
I was a fool.

Once upon a time, Dante Morelli was the source of my happiness, the powerful embrace which would always keep me safe and loved.
Now, Dante Morelli is the source of every moment of pain, every moment of grief, every heart-breaking moment of my young life.

Once, his love was my lifeblood.
Now, his love is my prison.

Once, I thought it might kill me to leave him.
Now, I know he will never let me go.

Warnings: Dark romance. Bad guy hero. Only sort of a standalone. You’ll have a better time with Dante if you have read the Morelli family series first, but if you’re determined to read his story first, you probably won’t die. No promises though!

Old Flame Full wrap




Calling All Bully Romance Readers!

Hey, guys!

Just popping in to let you know about this limited-time sampler I’m a part of. I figured some of you might be interested. 😀

I’ve collaborated with some author friends on this special edition box set which contains samples from USA Today and Amazon bestselling authors writing in the dark high school bully romance genre. I have included a sample of Untouchable as my contribution to the set. The collection is only available for a limited time, but it’s FREE, so grab your copy today. You never know, you just might find your next bully read. 😁

WBB cross promo graphic
We have also started a bully romance reader group on Facebook! We thought it would be nice for fans of these types of books to have a place to congregate and talk about all their favorite bully romance reads–without having to worry about the unnecessary judgment and kink shaming that unfortunately can accompany discussing a love of dark romance/bully romance books. None of that here! We all love them. ☺️
You can join below to get more bully recs, share your own, and maybe win something! Since the group is brand new, the founding authors will be making posts to introduce readers to our bully books and posting giveaways throughout the month of June. 😁

Happy New Year!

books of 2018 final

What a year!

2018 sure was a productive one! I think my biggest takeaway from 2018 is to make sure I’m writing to my passions. Like Accidental Witness, Untouchable was a book I started writing just for me without plans to even publish it due to the craziness I feared it would unleash, and like Accidental Witness, I ultimately ended up saying “Eh, screw it,” and doing it anyway. Those are the stories readers like best, so I think I’m just going to keep doing what I want, and you guys will just have to trust me. 😉😏 (In 2017 I was Mateo, in 2018 I apparently turned into Carter. I wonder who I’ll be in 2019! In 2020 I’m tentatively penciled in to be Con, but more about that villain-hero much later.)

Anyway, thanks so much for spending some of your reading time with me and my crazy characters. ☺️ I’m sooo grateful that you guys enjoy my brand of crazy! You made Untouchable an Amazon bestseller on the last day of 2018!! I’m so grateful. ❤

I have soooo many words planned for 2019 (and 2020! I can’t even fit all of my current plans into one year!) and I’m so excited to share them with you guys! (Some of them. Others, I’m not even ready, but I’ll get there. 😂)

Thank you all for your tremendous support! Thank you for enabling me to have the best job ever! I can’t wait to take you on more journeys! 🤩😎😘😍

Buckle up, 2019 is almost here!!!

(Links below, in case you missed any of my releases. All of my releases this year are also currently in KU.)

STITCHES: https://amzn.to/2SywT7f
A VALENTINE’S DAY TREAT: https://amzn.to/2CH4dmL

AFTER YOU: https://amzn.to/2BQCQ82

STAYING IN VEGAS: https://amzn.to/2SthkgT
SINNING IN VEGAS: https://amzn.to/2CFOsMV
SUBMITTING IN VEGAS: https://amzn.to/2CFCF10

UNTOUCHABLE: https://amzn.to/2VmObpk


And for the month of January, I also have my signed paperbacks form opened!
Untouchable paperbacks are also live on Amazon!

SIGNED PAPERBACK ORDER FORM: https://goo.gl/forms/0kxHhHYkfZKd0mMB3

Amazon: https://amzn.to/2VjThTD
Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1791842437

Untouchable is LIVE!!!

All right, guys. Are you ready for a new dark and twisted bully romance? Untouchable is here!! While drool-worthy, Carter is definitely a twisted hero, so if you have dark romance triggers, please make sure you read the author’s note in the beginning of the book before diving in. 🙂

Untouchable ebook cover NEW.png


Senior year was off to a rough start: lube in my locker, panties on my front porch, unimaginative name-calling. See, I got a player suspended from the football team for harassing me, and in my small Texas town, you don’t mess with the football players—even if they mess with you first.

I didn’t care if it was an unpopular thing to do; I stood up for myself… and in doing so, opened Pandora’s Box.

I never dreamed I would attract the attention of locally worshipped star quarterback, Carter Mahoney. Never imagined his coveted attention would turn out to be such a nightmare. Beneath his carefully constructed façade lurks a monster, a predator looking for the perfect prey to play with. Now, since I’m the girl no one likes or believes, I guess I’m the perfect target for his dark games and twisted desires.

After surviving my first encounter with his casual depravity, all I really want is for Carter to leave me alone.

But all he seems to want is me.

Warning: This book is provocative. It is categorized as DARK ROMANCE for a reason. It will not be for everyone. If you are a reader with certain triggers or sensitivities common to the dark romance genre, please heed the author’s note at the beginning of this book.


TITLE: Untouchable
AUTHOR: Sam Mariano
GENRE: Dark romance/bully romance
RELEASE DATE: December 17th, 2018


Available in KindleUnlimited.