Editing the Chapter That Never Ends

So, I did not realize that the chapter I’m currently editing in Because of You (I don’t even know what chapter it is for you guys, maybe seven or eight) is insanely long.

A lot happens in the chapter, but because the chapter is so incredibly, ridiculously, terribly long compared to the other chapters, I have these feelings for it:

Rookie mistake. There’s really no better way to make a chapter drag than to make it this much longer than any other chapter.

It’s nice that I don’t make these mistakes anymore, but let me tell you, fixing old writing mistakes? Not exactly a walk in the park.

Anyway, the editing was supposed to be done today, and it is not, because this chapter made me want to punch my computer in its face.

Poor computer.

That said, I’m still hoping to have the new cover on and the paperback copies of Because of You available on Amazon this month. So yay for that!

I also made this teaser.
Well, two teasers. One steamier teaser, one lovey teaser.

Because of you sexy teaser

Because of You tame teaser


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