My Writing Process: A Blog Tour

My writer friend E.L. Wicker (a young adult novelist, whose first novel should be debuting soon) invited me to take part in this blog tour.

So, what is The Writing Process Blog Tour? Each author who is invited to participate in the blog tour answers four questions about their writing process. The author then introduces three other authors. The idea is to help readers discover other authors that they may not have known about otherwise.

Sounds like fun! So here is a little about my writing process.

What am I working on?
I’m always working on a bunch of different things, but right now I’m primarily working on two projects. One is a secret project that I will be announcing later on this month. 😉
The other story is a dark romance featuring Ethan, a private investigator who goes undercover to retrieve missing girls from a ring of sex traffickers, and Willow, the illegitimate daughter of a rival crime boss who gets mixed up in it.


How does my book differ from others in its genre?
Ethan and Willow’s story differs from what I’ve seen in the genre because Ethan isn’t the bad guy, but he does find himself trapped into playing that role briefly when he’s undercover.
It’s also different in that the character evolution isn’t like most of the dark romance I’ve been exposed to. The characters go into the situation as perfectly normal people, and then both of them change based on what they experience.


Why do I write what I write?

I usually write a story either because my characters have a story to tell, or because it’s a story that I want to read.


How does my writing process work?
My writing process varies. I’ve tried out different things. I used to write purely by the seat of my pants (but then there was a lot of bloat), then I tried to write using a very detailed outline (but then I get bored, because I know everything that happens).
I’ve found that what works bests for me is somewhere in the middle; now when I get a story idea, I grab a notebook or a Word document or my cell phone and write down as much as I can, usually an entire breakdown of the whole story.
The characters are already in my head at this point, and as I’m jotting down everything I know about the story, I get a better idea of who they are. Then I start writing their story and keep lots and lots of notes.
Then when it’s over comes the editing and rewriting to get the book all polished, pretty and ready for publishing!


Now it’s my turn to pass the torch!

I’m inviting Nenia Campbell to join the tour, and you can find her post HERE.

Nenia writes various genre-benders, including her IMA series and her Fearscape series. Most recently, she’s decided to try her own spin on BDSM erotica with Bound to Accept.

Nenia Campbell was born and raised in the United States. From infancy, she was fond of books- especially the cardboard ones; they were the most delicious. As she grew older, she learned that ‘devouring a book’ was a phrase not to be taken literally. As a result, she became a very enthusiastic reader. When she discovered that the stories she wanted to read did not exist she became an enthusiastic writer, as well.

More nominees to come soon…


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