Finishing Stories

Finishing stories has always bummed me out.

I’m referring more  to writing them than reading them—that sucks too, but when I have to finish writing a story with characters that I love, my entire being rebels against the idea. They aren’t just players taking the story from Point A to Point C for me by this point (and if they are, I’ve done something wrong) they’re people with lives that I’m interested in.

When I used to write only for myself (occasionally I still do) I wrote content that would be unreadable to anyone else—anyone who isn’t invested in them like I am, and that’s fine, because that’s on par with a journal. If I want to write it upside down and in Latin I can; it’s meant for my eyes only.

When I make the decision to share my characters and their story with everyone else, however, there comes a point where I have to say goodbye. And that makes me sad.

Last night—I should say this morning, because while I hadn’t slept yet, it was definitely morning—I was pounding out an important part of Irreparable Damage, and when I finally finished the last of the “night’s” to-do-list scenes, I heaved a sigh of accomplishment, shielded my eyes from the intrusive sun peering through the slats of the blinds, and then realized… I’m almost done with this book. Provided I get some writing done this weekend, the rough draft should be completed by Monday.

I expected to feel excited—this is the fastest I’ve ever finished a story before, and I already have a cover ready and waiting…this brings me one step closer to putting one more book out there into the world!

But it still made me sad.

Which is weird, because in this particular instance, there’s a book two featuring the same characters! So it’s not even goodbye, it’s just, “see ya later!”

Still, book two is not book one, their lives won’t be precisely as they are now, and even though the characters will come back and I will get to write them again, for now…it’s basically over. Just a few more crucial scenes to write, some things to tie up or set up, and then the journey is over for a while.

Plus, then I have to start editing. I hate editing.

That being said, I expect Irreparable Damage to be released in the very beginning of October (maybe even a little sooner, depending on how editing goes) and I’ll get to try out the pre-order feature for the first time!

Look for a blurb and maybe some teasers to pop up very soon! 🙂


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