Quick Note About Irreparable Series

As if I’m capable of brevity. LOL.


Irrepar Sale


Since Irreparable Lives is releasing next week, Irreparable Damage is on sale this week (not on co.uk, sorry; I had this sale for co.uk last week, but nobody bought any, haha)! So go on and grab a copy if you want to, this is the best time–cheap price and hardly any wait at all for the sequel.

As for the Irreparable Boxed Set… Originally my intention was to release it at the same time as the sequel. Irreparable Damage would be removed from KDP/KindleUnlimited and published on iBooks and many other retailers, as well as Irreparable Lives, and I was going to publish the boxed set as an Amazon exclusive. Best outcome for everyone.

Instead of doing that, however, I’m going to release Irreparable Lives as Amazon exclusive next week, but only for 3 months. After only one term with KDP Select (the exclusivity program that allows books to be in KU, but disallows selling them on other platforms) I’m going to pull Irreparable Lives AND Irreparable Damage from KDP and publish them on other retailers. At the same time, I’m going to release the Irreparable Boxed Set. It will be Amazon-exclusive and KU readers will be able to borrow it. It won’t be available on iBooks or Kobo or any of the other platforms, but the individual books will. So everyone will be able to get their hands on the book if they so desire, one way or another.

I wanted to get this all done at the same time, but work and moving and just general life-stuff… my plate was too full. This schedule is much more realistic. (Additionally, given my non-author work schedule the rest of this year, I doubt I’m going to be able to release another book this year. When I made all of these plans, I was focused mainly on my author career, and that’s no longer fiscally possible. Irreparable Lives and the boxed set has been hard enough to squeeze in. 😦 After You will have to be released in 2017.)

But, it’s almost here! One more week!

On that note, a teaser:

irreparable lives teaser

Happy reading! 🙂