Fall is Here!

I love fall.

Just today while my little one was riding bikes with her friend outside, I noticed the leaves crunching beneath my feet for the first time this season. Sigh. 😀


This fall is far busier than usual for me. I’m taking night classes 3 nights a week and I work 2 jobs outside of authoring, so my schedule is ridiculous. On top of that (and normal life stuff, like my little one and the time I lose every day mindlessly scrolling through Facebook) I’m also working on writing projects. I’ve been brimming with ideas lately. Seriously, I wish I still  had the ability to just spend hours of every day writing, because if I could, I’d be able to bang out so many manuscripts right now. I don’t, and most of these ideas will dwindle away (my ideas don’t linger if I don’t start on them right away; that would be too easy!) but one in particular struck with a vengeance and stuck. I wrote down the outline immediately, started writing it, and despite my schedule, I’ve invested many hours pounding away at my keyboard instead of studying. Whoops.

But that means I have a new release right around the corner!

I’m a few thousand words from a finished manuscript, I just have to find time to write them. (I should have that time this weekend, so it should be finished and ready for a read-through and revisions by next week!)

That’s really exciting. Because two months ago? I didn’t even know these characters yet. I love when I get carried away and write a story that fast. (There’s plenty to fix in edits, but there always is.)

I have a proofreader all lined up for after edits. Evelyn over at Summer’s Eve Reads has started proofreading, and she kindly booked me for November. That means by early December… I should have ARCs ready!

This book is called The Last Boss’ Daughter, and it’s a modernized, dark re-imagining of Snow White. (Loosely. I don’t follow the fairy tale exactly or anything, but it was part of my inspiration in many respects.)

I’m really excited to introduce Annabelle and Liam into the world. I’m really, really excited to have a finished manuscript to build on.

Yay fall!