Resisting Mateo (Morelli Family, #5) COVER REVEAL

Resisting Mateo BoB

Title: Resisting Mateo (Morelli Family, #5)

Author: Sam Mariano

Genre: Mafia romance

Series: Morelli Family Series (this is not a standalone)

Release Date: July 27, 2017

Resisting Mateo ebook cover


If you dance with the devil, don’t be surprised when all Hell breaks loose.

BOOK FIVE in the Morelli Family series. Must be read in order! If you haven’t started the series yet, you’ll want to start with Accidental Witness.

Beautiful Lies RM

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2 thoughts on “Resisting Mateo (Morelli Family, #5) COVER REVEAL

  1. OK I haven’t been taken by a series like this in years and I haven’t been compelled to leave a comment in over 4years and I really do t know if I’m brave enough to read resisting Mateo I love Meg everything about her I can’t imagine you breaking her heart so asshat can be with Mia I would have been able to deal with that if Meg never came into the picture but Meg really loves him and I don’t care what Francesca she wasn’t around and she Meg up says just be cause Mia forgave him doestn mean she it right for him Meg push him out the way and Got shot f what Mia put up with she could have left but she didn’t that’s on her and love is unconditional but Mateo doesn’t need a door mat Mia will be that Meg will raise good kids and love him right u say to trust u that with the characters and that u will do what is best but if Mia sleeps with Mateo I can’t continue it just wouldn’t be right and if u take ,Meg out completely I still would hate the thought of !is,raising her little girl and the new baby I can’t get the thoughts out of my head because of the twist and turns I just expect the worst for Meg and I don’t think she deserves it Mateo has to learn that just because he has been betrayed he betrayed his cousin and many more he has to stop being a man baby and realize you give not for what can be given back that’s fine in the Mob business but love should be different I was almost done when he was ready to plot against Adrian like really so please in the name of baby Jesus let dumb asa Mia resist Matteo and let at least Meg get the love she deserves she didn’t chewat on her deadbeat husband and Matteo didn’t cheat on the loser wife don’t change that down I can trake the inappropriate behavior but not the deed if you can repnd please do

    • Hi Melanie!

      So glad you’ve enjoyed the series so far and the characters, lol. It’s always fun to get sucked into a series like that.
      Let’s see what I can say about this one without spoiling anything, lol. I’m not going to break Meg’s heart in Resisting Mateo. I know that’s what many are expecting after Family Ties, but that was just Francesca’s opinion/POV. *I* haven’t turned on Meg, lol. I still like Meg, and I think she’s a very capable, fun, mostly practical character who will always land on her feet regardless of what happens.
      I can also say between the two of them, Mia is hurt much more than Meg in Resisting Mateo. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows for anyone involved (not just because of relationship stuff) but Mia is definitely the one who does the most suffering out of everyone in the book.
      But if you absolutely hate Mateo and Mia, this book probably wouldn’t be enjoyable for you, as half the book is Mia’s perspective and Mateo is in a good bit of it. This book is dual/alternating perspectives, Mia and Meg, so they each get about half of the book. There are moments where Meg isn’t so sure about things, but ultimately Meg and Mia still love each other in this book, they’re still friends. Hopefully that helped a bit?


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