Resisting Mateo Release Day

Resisting Mateo release chaos
Resisting Mateo (Morelli Family, #5)

Author: Sam Mariano

Genre: Mafia romance

Series: Morelli Family Series (this is not a standalone)

Release Date: July 27, 2017


If you dance with the devil, don’t be surprised when all Hell breaks loose.

BOOK FIVE in the Morelli Family series. Must be read in order! If you haven’t started the series yet, you’ll want to start with Accidental Witness.

Resisting Mateo (Morelli Family, #5)
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And if you haven’t started the series yet, book one is on sale for a couple more days!

Mia Mitchell only wanted a little privacy to make a phone call—but she ended up witnessing a mob hit. Worse, she was spotted. Now entangled with a notorious crime family, will her life ever be hers again?
Find out and meet the Morelli family in:

Accidental Witness (Morelli Family, #1)

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Sam Mariano loves to write edgy, twisty reads with complicated characters you’re left thinking about long after you turn the last page. Her favorite thing about indie publishing is the ability to play by your own rules! If she isn’t reading one of the thousands of books on her to-read list, writing her next book, or playing with her adorable preschooler… actually, that’s about all she has time for these days.

Feel free to find Sam on Facebook, Goodreads, Twitter, or her blog—she loves hearing from readers! She’s also available on Instagram now @sammarianobooks, and you can sign up for her totally-not-spammy newsletter HERE!


Quick Note About Irreparable Series

As if I’m capable of brevity. LOL.


Irrepar Sale

Since Irreparable Lives is releasing next week, Irreparable Damage is on sale this week (not on, sorry; I had this sale for last week, but nobody bought any, haha)! So go on and grab a copy if you want to, this is the best time–cheap price and hardly any wait at all for the sequel.

As for the Irreparable Boxed Set… Originally my intention was to release it at the same time as the sequel. Irreparable Damage would be removed from KDP/KindleUnlimited and published on iBooks and many other retailers, as well as Irreparable Lives, and I was going to publish the boxed set as an Amazon exclusive. Best outcome for everyone.

Instead of doing that, however, I’m going to release Irreparable Lives as Amazon exclusive next week, but only for 3 months. After only one term with KDP Select (the exclusivity program that allows books to be in KU, but disallows selling them on other platforms) I’m going to pull Irreparable Lives AND Irreparable Damage from KDP and publish them on other retailers. At the same time, I’m going to release the Irreparable Boxed Set. It will be Amazon-exclusive and KU readers will be able to borrow it. It won’t be available on iBooks or Kobo or any of the other platforms, but the individual books will. So everyone will be able to get their hands on the book if they so desire, one way or another.

I wanted to get this all done at the same time, but work and moving and just general life-stuff… my plate was too full. This schedule is much more realistic. (Additionally, given my non-author work schedule the rest of this year, I doubt I’m going to be able to release another book this year. When I made all of these plans, I was focused mainly on my author career, and that’s no longer fiscally possible. Irreparable Lives and the boxed set has been hard enough to squeeze in. 😦 After You will have to be released in 2017.)

But, it’s almost here! One more week!

On that note, a teaser:

irreparable lives teaser

Happy reading! 🙂



First Blog Post of 2015?

So, I realize that March 23rd should not be the first blog post of 2015.

I realize that’s a fail.

I apologize, not only for that, but for generally disappearing off the face of the planet since this year started. Basically, if anything at all has happened since January began, I don’t know about it. If you have read/reviewed/rated my books, thank you so much! I have done exactly zero promoting this year, so the few books that have sold have been a lovely surprise.

Unfortunately I’m really behind at life right now. I had planned (though only a few people knew this anyway) to have the sequels to Irreparable Damage and Because of You out by April. This is not going to happen for a few reasons. One, my cover designer also disappeared for a little while and I couldn’t get in touch with her, and I cannot release After You (Because of You #2) without a cover even if it was finished. But also, it isn’t finished. It’s half-finished, as it was in January, which is the last time I touched it. Irreparable Lives is in exactly the same place–first draft half finished, hasn’t been written since January. I already have the cover for Irreparable Lives, so that one is under control. As soon as I finish writing/editing/etc, I will be able to release that one. After You…I’m not positive when it will be released now, because I haven’t heard back about the cover yet. (Also I have to finish it.) The cover is my main concern though, it usually takes a few months because the designer is pretty booked.

I’m very sorry the books haven’t been released. I’m sorry they haven’t even been finished. This was very much not my plan, but as the Fresh Prince would say, “my life got flipped, turned upside down.” (Are you too young for that reference? You might be; I’m getting old.) The start of this year was the start of a really destructive shitstorm in my personal life and many days just getting out of bed to take care of my kid seemed like far too much to ask. I don’t usually get writer’s block, and I wasn’t technically even blocked, my brain was just fried, I had no motivation, and my plate was just too full to add writing to it. Particularly what I needed to be writing. The themes of my books made writing them during this time particularly impossible, so rather than force little bit by little bit to meet an arbitrary deadline that was only in my mind, I decided to steer clear of both manuscripts until I could get my head back in the game.

Which I think was a good call.

I am finally getting my personal life back into some semblance of order, so if not today (probably not today, as my schedule is pretty full) then tomorrow I am going to get back to work on Derek and Nikki’s story, as well as Ethan and Willow’s conclusion. If you’re one of the people who has been waiting for them, I’m so sorry they aren’t ready for you yet. I will do my best to get them finished as soon as I can.

In the meantime, I’ve decided to have a little surprise sale!

On Wednesday, March 25th at 7pm PST, Because of You will go on sale for $.99! If you miss that, on Friday it will go up to $1.99 before finally returning to its original price of $3.99 early Saturday morning.

If you haven’t met Derek and Nikki, here’s your chance!

Once again, I apologize for the unexpected delay. Life just sucker punched me and I wasn’t ready for it.

Thank you for your continued interest and support! My readers are pretty much the best. 😉