My Books

Since you’re here, I might as well tell you about my books, right?



BEAUTIFUL MISTAKES 2014, is a contemporary new adult standalone and one of my older works. The hero in this one is maybe my favorite I’ve ever written (and definitely the most my type, personally, lol). This one is available to Kindle Unlimited subscribers!


IRREPARABLE DAMAGE (#1) 2014, is a more taboo, unconventional story about two Irreparable Damage coverlovers who never intended to connect with each other. A bond is forged through mutual trauma when she’s taken by sex traffickers (and he’s a PI working undercover as one of them to save a different girl), and due to the events of the story, their lives become intertwined. This story is best suited to open-minded readers, but Ethan and Willow will always have a special place in my heart. 🙂

irreparable lives cover png.png


IRREPARABLE LIVES (#2) 2016, the sequel to Irreparable Damage.


THE COMPLETE IRREPARABLE BOX SET 2016, is, well, both books combined in one nifty little box set! It will only be available on Amazon, and is available to Kindle Unlimited subscribers.


BECAUSE OF YOU (#1) 2013, is a new adult, kdpenemies-to-lover  story with a bad boy hero. You’ll either love Derek or hate his face off. (Maybe both, at different times!) Currently available to Kindle Unlimited Subscribers.


AFTER YOU (#2) the long-awaited sequel to Because of You.




THE LAST BOSS’ DAUGHTER 2017, is a darker, modern standalone loosely inspired by the classic tale of Snow White. (I have possible ideas for more stories along this line, but I’m not sure I’ll write them, and even if I do, they will be completely separate stories with different characters, just also fairytale inspired.)


ACCIDENTAL WITNESS (Morelli Family, #1) 2017, is an Accidental Witness coverintroduction to the Morelli family, a twisted Chicago crime family. This is the first book in my most popular and exciting mafia romance series.
Mia Mitchell was only trying to make a clandestine phone call–but she ended up witnessing a mob hit. Worse, she was spotted. Now entangled with a notorious crime family, will her life ever be hers again?
Complete series order can be found HERE.

Stitches-final ebook

TCHES 2018, is an adventurous new standalone I wrote. It’s a MFM ménage romance intended for adults 18+ due to extreme sexiness! I also really love the story and the relationships in this book.




2018, the first book in my Vegas Morelli family trilogy. A spin-off of the original Morelli family series featuring Rafe Morelli, a character you meet in the later Chicago Morelli books.